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Entrepreneurs in our community

Entrepreneurs are inspiring and they are all around us. They are feverishly building the things we don't even know we want. They do things differently, they see the world though a lens most struggle to understand and they are apex doers.

These are their stories...

In this episode of Build Something, Matthijs Melchiors talks about his lifelong passion for building things and how that manifested into

Watch local entrepreneurs tell us who they are, where they conduct their business, and what is driving the passion behind their startup.

Amber's business, Holistic Hemp Company, was born from her personal need to find quality CBD oil locally. Realizing that a gap

Alaina Lansing-Hames founded Sundancer with her partner and sister Amber Lansing-Reusch when they realized consumers of their CBD products (sold through

Carly Burson's entrepreneurial journey took her from her native Massachusetts to large fashion retailers in New York City and finally to

Elyse Dickerson of Eosera explains how she and her business partner Joe Griffin both started in the corporate realm of healthcare

Jonathan Silk of Bridge 3 LLC provides organizational leadership development to ensure leaders and managers have the skills to propel their companies

Carmen Wilson explains why her photography studio focuses primarily on women and girls and how she gets to know each of

Jie Melchiors and her husband Matthijs' office park constructed out of conex shipping containers was conceived after they realized Fort Worth

Mike Brasovan, founder and CEO of EZ Electricity, has been helping customers buy electricity for 25 years. A serial entrepreneur, Mike