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Event Space

1150 South Freeway BLDG. 600
Fort Worth TX 76014

View our event spaces below to gain better insight into what our rooms can provide for you. Select the room best catered for your business needs and reserve it now! 

Event Room

Event Room

For meetings with 8 or more people

Our amenities make this room perfect for classroom style or round-table meetings.

Amenities: 10 tables and 35 chairs, a dry erase board, a drop-down screen with a projector, a display TV for PC and Mac capabilities 

Rate: $30.00 an hour

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Conference Room

For your Executive Meetings

The room provides a space for up to 8 people to meet and effectively carry out meetings. 

Amenities: a conference table for 10 people with center power, a projector and a TV display wired for both PC and MAC hookups

Rate: $20.00 an hour

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Collaboration Room

For a large event or team working sessions 

With the capabilities of accommodating up to 65 guests, this room can be used as an activity space for your entire team or for cocktail and happy hour events.  

Amenities: 10 modular work stations, 17 chairs (or up to 50 upon request), 2 large movable dry erase boards, 3 display TVs with hookup for both PC and Mac.

Rate: $75.00 an hour

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