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Matthijs Melchiors - Mel/Arch


Marco Johnson (Oct-8th)

In this episode of Build Something, Matthijs Melchiors talks about his lifelong passion for building things and how that manifested into a career in architecture. His firm, Mel/Arch, which he runs with his business partner and wife Jie Melchiors, is a progressive architectural studio that focuses on commercial and residential projects throughout Texas. They are the developers of the Connex shipping container office park in Fort Worth. Matthijs recounts his international journey that took him from his native Netherlands to Texas, then China, and back to Texas. His decision to launch Mel/Arch with Jie stemmed from their desire to accomplish more with their own business than they could working for someone else. Mel/Arch is a member of Accelerate DFW's IDEA Works business incubator program. 

Accelerate DFW wishes to thank our good friends at BlueKnight Agency (www.blueknightagency.com) for their generous contributions in getting this video made. We are very grateful for your support to local entrepreneurs.