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Jonathan Silk - Bridge 3 LLC


Marco Johnson (Oct-14th)

Jonathan Silk of Bridge 3 LLC provides organizational leadership development to ensure leaders and managers have the skills to propel their companies to success. Jonathan's tenure in the US Army gave him firsthand experience in leadership including a teaching role at West Point, which he leveraged into a job in the leader talent development space at a prestigious academic institution in Fort Worth. He then made the decision to launch his own company to help his clients redesign their organizational leadership programs. He plans to orient his business services towards medium-sized companies that are looking to pivot or institute an organizational culture change. Jonathan discusses how his military service helped prepare him for the rigors and challenges of entrepreneurship. 

Accelerate DFW wishes to thank our good friends at BlueKnight Agency (www.blueknightagency.com) for their generous contributions in getting this video made. We are very grateful for your support to local entrepreneurs.