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Elyse Dickerson - Eosera


Marco Johnson (Oct-20th)

Elyse Dickerson of Eosera explains how she and her business partner Joe Griffin both started in the corporate realm of healthcare and pharmaceuticals but realized they could make a larger impact in these industries by launching their own biotech company. In addition to cutting time to market and being more in control of their own destinies, Elyse realized that starting and growing a company is a lot more fun. Watch as Elyse discusses her thoughts on conscious capitalism and why she believes strongly in companies as generating positive benefits for society instead of just chasing the bottom line. She also talks about her insights as a female entrepreneur and how her skillset complements that of her business partner. 

Accelerate DFW wishes to thank our good friends at BlueKnight Agency (www.blueknightagency.com) for their generous contributions in getting this video made. We are very grateful for your support to local entrepreneurs.