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Carly Burson - Tribe Alive


Marco Johnson (Oct-4th)

Carly Burson's entrepreneurial journey took her from her native Massachusetts to large fashion retailers in New York City and finally to Fort Worth, Texas. But her journey didn't end here. Her company - Tribe Alive - sources handmade clothing from female artisans in Asia and Latin America, as well as locally, and she personally travels to meet the women she sources from. Her company is on the forefront of introducing concepts such as responsible consumerism and  social entrepreneurship to Texas where these concepts have yet to take hold as they have in other parts of the country. Insatiably curious, Carly overcame her lack of experience in launching an ethical clothing brand by conducting seemingly endless internet research and tapping into professional networks to get answers to her queries. The result is a forward thinking clothing company that provides ethically sourced and fashionable garments from around the world. 

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