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Amber Lancing-Reusch - Holistic Hemp Company


Marco Johnson (Oct-10th)

Amber's business, Holistic Hemp Company, was born from her personal need to find quality CBD oil locally. Realizing that a gap in the local market existed, she and her partner (and sister) Alaina Lansing-Hames began to source the CBD themselves from highly reputable growers in Colorado. Educating Texans about the benefits of CBD oil is as important to them as making the oil available to those who need it. Their informational campaigns clearly demonstrate the difference between the compounds in cannabis with psychoactive properties (THC) and the medicinal properties of CBD, which produce no psychoactive effects. Their efforts are clearly paying off - the CBD they supply is increasingly in demand from a diverse array of people. 

Accelerate DFW wishes to thank our good friends at BlueKnight Agency (www.blueknightagency.com) for their generous contributions in getting this video made. We are very grateful for your support to local entrepreneurs.