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Alaina Lancing-Hames - Sundancer


Marco Johnson (Oct-2nd)

Alaina Lansing-Hames founded Sundancer with her partner and sister Amber Lansing-Reusch when they realized consumers of their CBD products (sold through their first company Holistic Hemp Company) had additional needs for holistic products and services. Sundancer is a retail shop where people can ask questions without feeling judged and get access to a wide variety of products that support a holistic lifestyle. Alaina discusses some of the pushback they receive from the more conservative elements of society and explains how they strive to educate anyone who is willing to listen and learn. She also recounts how being an entrepreneur in the trenches is vastly different than learning about business in the academic environment (Alaina and Amber both have Master's degrees). This video is a must-see for any entrepreneur who thinks their product or service is at the leading edge in their market and therefore must educate the public. 

Accelerate DFW wishes to thank our good friends at BlueKnight Agency (www.blueknightagency.com) for their generous contributions in getting this video made. We are very grateful for your support to local entrepreneurs.