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Social Media Workshop - June 2019


Abby Heidenrich (Jun-21st)

social media

Social media has played a huge role in the business world from promoting certain messages to promoting businesses to people all across the world. In this era, to have a successful business, they must be equipped to take on the task of promoting their businesses via social media through various ways such as a Facebook Ad, a simple boost on a Facebook post, or boosting a post on Instagram. There are so many different marketing tactics, such as finding the ideal marketing persona to fully understand how to market to their target group along with working through the challenges they may face throughout marketing what they want. With the ability to cater target content directly to customers, social media is changing the game of advertising through.

The Social Media Marketing Workshop focused on all the tools that a business would need for social media marketing success through a unique hands-on experience where people were taken step-by-step through the advertising development process. The five things that were taught through this workshop were, how to set up an ad campaign, how to incorporate various platforms into an ad, how to target a particular audience, and how to track an ad. The main goal of this workshop was to teach people everything about a Facebook ad and how to create one to promote their messaging and business.


The workshop was led by AccelerateDFW Director, Walker Lutringer and Tech FW’s Marketing Director, Sandy El-Rayes. Sandy walked everyone through how to create their marketing persona along with how to eliminate the challenges they may face when thinking of how to create their messages towards a certain group of people; which, is particularly difficult. Entrepreneurs rely on audience they already have instead of focusing on how to capture a new audience to allow them to grow their business even more. Walker then walked everyone through how to create and run the Facebook ad that people had created throughout the entire workshop. Facebook ads are very important for start-ups because that's how to get the message out to new potential clients to help grow their business even more.

People walked away with great, positive information from the workshop! One attendee loved that it was long and allowed time to actually practice the things the facilitators were teaching and felt like they could recreate the entire thing again with ease while validating the ideas that she had floating around. This workshop in particular was very unique in that it was hands on and that they were able to create something before leaving the workshop and be able to truly understand how to create meaningful content and messaging. Instead of hearing someone speak about Facebook ads, the attendees were able to work with one another to perfect their ads!


We loved helping entrepreneurs focus on what marketing tactics they wanted to focus on along with teaching them the best way to create a Facebook ad. Marketing through social media is a key element in the entrepreneurship world because it allows them to develop their businesses, so workshops like this benefit them so much!

AccelerateDFW Foundation prime goal is to help entrepreneurs build their start-up to prominent and successful entrepreneurship businesses and through these workshops the foundation can help them in various ways.

If you were unable to attend the workshop, here is the Trello board with all the resources you need to produce and run a successful Facebook ad!