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Storytelling Mini Feature: Before and After: Debbie Horton and Whitney Tevis Subdue Chaos With The Organized Nest


Trevor Whalen (Mar-5th)

Debbie Horton Whitney Tevis The Organized Nest closet hangers

Our furniture, appliances, priceless treasures, and other household objects can create a black hole of disorganization. Some people can keep their lives in order and avoid this black hole on their own. Others need professional help.

Debbie Horton started The Organized Nest to help her friends control their disorderly stuff. She also wanted to do something on her own and thrived off the creative process.

Now she is joined by Whitney Tevis as a co-owner, and both want to help everyone they can with this. “Our passion is helping others," they said, "whether it be families, businesses, or non-profits throughout our community.”

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The Organized Nest grew strictly through word-of-mouth at first. “As with most small businesses, print or social media advertising just wasn’t in the budget,” Whitney explained.

But fortunes would shift. According to Whitney, “organizing” started to become a buzzword. They also invested more in advertising on social media, website, and print. “People really responded to before and after pictures on Instagram and Facebook!,” Whitney said.

Debbie Horton (right) founded The Organized Nest and later was joined by Whitney Tevis (left) as a co-owner.

The scope of the company grew to include bigger projects. They’re also managing two locations: the original in Fort Worth, and another in Midland. “Fort Worth and Midland are two completely different markets,” Debbie and Whitney said, “and managing both locations has been a learning curve.” But I'm sure it's a welcome learning curve, as the once small startup now provides multiple services to various markets. That's far beyond helping friends stay organized.

Long-term Organizing, Big Messes

Throughout running The Organized Nest, Debbie has “seen it all” with messes. Some customers’ issues cannot at once be simply cleaned. This is where long-term organization management comes in.

The Organized Nest can help customers discover how much space they have beyond what they initially thought. Once organized, Debbie and company can then establish systems to maintain spaces’ cleanliness.

A one-time organization must be followed by an effective system that will maintain orderliness.

“Our clients are amazed at how much more functional their spaces are!” Debbie and Whitney said.

A preliminary step for The Organized Nest is to understand their customers’ lifestyles. For example, if their customer has young children, they won’t “micro-organize”, because trying to maintain perfect neatness amidst kids is a vein endeavor.

Staying Organized During a Pandemic


In normal times, solving these space crises is one thing. But the logistics of the most terrible mess is nothing when compared to the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you organize this invisible nightmare?

Obviously, no one can organize, or do much anything, to COVID-19. But The Organized Nest, like others, found ways to work around it. They offer a virtual organizing service now. Additionally, their team members organized their own homes – while being stuck in them – for the sake of before-and-after photos on the company’s social media pages.

Thus, like other companies covered in this series, they found a way to adapt to a scary and challenging new reality. Creative problem solving is the heart and soul of entrepreneurship, whether that’s manifested in organizing, babysitting, piñata mailing, or innovative technology. And creatives always find a way, even when when storms come.