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E'ship Hour


Abby Heidenrich (Aug-8th)

E'ship Hour

On August 7th, Accelerate DFW Foundation held its first E'ship Hour which was designed for fellow entrepreneurs to get together and talk about some key issues that surrond entrepreneurship. The four key areas that were focused on for this event were: The Gaps of Entrepreneurship DFW, The Government's Role in Entrepreneurship, Who is an Entrepreneur?, Your Business Idea (In 5 Words Or Less). The whole point of these four topics was to create the spark to be able to have conversations with one another and really fuel the entrepreneurship voice within. The overall goal of E'ship hour was to bring a diverse group of stakeholders in Tarrant County together to engage in high-level conversations to move the needle of entrepreneurship. 

Throughout the night there were amazing entrepreneur food companies that provided the most amazing quick bites. Along with the good food, there were many interesting conversations going on within the areas. Many questions were posed to Robert Sturns about the government's role in entrepreneurship which included the hard to answer questions. 


Another area that was focused on throughout the night was what business you would like to see be created or you create yourself. There were so many interesting ideas ranging from ideas like dash cameras for dogs all the way to non-profit food truck park which both sound pretty amazing! 

A third area that was being talked about was what people thought the biggest gap in entrepreneurship. There were five areas (public support and awareness, openness to innovation, connections to the right people, start-up funding, and legal assistance) focused on within the main topic. There were Skittles that people would take and put in whatever fish bowl (topic) they thought was the biggest gap. In the larger fish bowl people wrote feedback/suggestions/comments they had towards that one particular topic. The one that got the most Skittles was public awareness and support which someone added a whole Skittles bag to it. 

Lastly, the last topic that was being talked about what who people thought were entrepreneurs. Each balloon had a picture attached to it. The idea behind this activity was to get people to really think about certain companies and how they came to be. It was interesting hearing the discusions because some of them turned into debates on why or why not a picture was an entrepreneur or not. 

The sponsors (Acre Distilling Company, PlantSet Meals, Thanecrafted, Sweetie's Cheesecakes, The Sweet Shak) all provided amazing drinks and quick bites which helped fuel the entrepreneurship vibe throughout the rooms! We can't thank them enough for providing the great food and drinks. You really need to check all of them out! 

We can't thank everyone enough for coming to our first E'ship Hour - it was an amazing success and we can't wait for the next one!