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We are Accelerate DFW Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) that helps entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

Businesses we have worked with:

Blooms Live Outdoors

Blooms Live Outdoors

Blooms can help with your landscape needs

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VERTESS an alternative to traditional Merger and Acquisition firms and investment banks.

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CAIT makes remote monitoring easy for patients and physicians. CAIT remote nursing uses technology to easily share health information from a monitoring device used at home to your healthcare provider.

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Optimized Waste Removal (OWR)

Optimized Waste Removal

Optimized Waste Removal is a multi-family valet trash and recycling company delivering excellent experiences for tenants, property management, and ownership.

Performing Ads

Performing Ads

Performing Ads Company produces the Playbills and programs for the majority of our theatre and venue partners at NO COST


Hair Care Consultant


Innovative Campaigns

We help small businesses from concept to creation. Our approach is to create a campaign that pushes beyond traditional ideas and fights our clients’ way into a competitive market. As one of the most cost-effective firms, we’re focused on our clients’ relevancy and awareness.


inspiring others


Getting the Word Out

We help spread the wisdom, anecdotes, and missteps of entrepreneurs in the trenches so that others can learn and benefit. 


Take that Risk

Would-be entrepreneurs are more willing to take risks when they see others succeeding. You'll see that you're not alone in your startup journey. 


Multimedia Content 

We provide a variety of channels and formats with content that is relevant for any entrepreneur, regardless of your experience level. 

Upcoming Events

Fri Sep 3

Come get your business legal questions answered by an expert.


Governing Documents: what are they? and why are they important

Joins us for free coffee and donuts

Participation can be physical or via Zoom and Facebook Live

Our physical address: 600 East Rosedale Street, Fort Worth, TX 76014


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