Trax & Stax

Making your product or service ironclad through a weekly structured program.

Beta testing now (Coming in Fall 2018)

Trax & Stax Program

The Program


This fourteen (14) week program is structured into weekly components that contain key deliverables. The program focuses entirely on your product or service and making it the best possible offering it can be in a highly competitive market with rapidly changing market dynamics. The program will eventually have three trax for which an entrepreneur can apply, while the stax focus on four key areas: customer validation, marketing, financial analysis and team building. Each week will focus on one specific area from the four stax categories.


Program Entry points


Idea Phase

Whether it is a new idea on the back of a napkin or a concept you have been kicking around for some time when you want to know quickly how viable your idea is both financially and in the market, this is the track for you.

Beta Testing Now

The Curriculum


Product Launch

Already done your due diligence and looking for some help in launching your new product or service? Then this is the program for you. We review your previous work to make sure there are no missing components. Then help you find customers.

Coming Fall 2018


New Market Entry

Coming Spring 2019