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You set the pace, we provide the resources, tools and encourgement.

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The Program


The program has been designed specifically for those individuals and business that want to set their own pace for envisioning, realizing and bringing their business to life. The program runs for up to twenty-four (24) months, yet we find most companies need little more than twelve (12). The program includes KPIs for progress, mentors & coaches, EIR (Entrepreneurs in Residence) guidance as well as support and interactions with others taking part in the program. If you are looking for a program where you can personalize the experience to suit what you need then this is the match for you.



All businesses face challenges and the impact of those challenges on your business varies greatly depending on how you tackle them. Mentors provide advice and guidance in navigating these issues. Mentors are reactionary in nature as you engage with them when trying to conquer an obstacle that has come to light for your business. They are experts in working the maze of problems in business, they are seasoned in decision making as well as business experience at many levels. Mentors are critical to newly emerging companies. As part of the program, you are provided two (2) mentoring sessions per month.



Emerging businesses face enormous strategy challenges that are sometimes industry and discipline specific. Coaches are a perfect fit for these challenges. Coaches are experts in their field and industry. They can help you proactively design your business to avoid critical problems in the future. Coaching engagements will help you create specific strategies for the outcomes you want to generate. Coaches will consider not only the industry but also specific customer feedback you get during the early days of product development. Entrepreneurs need to leverage many different coaches during their journey of building their business.



All businesses need performance metrics and all entrepreneurs need to be held accountable for making progress on their dream. The team at IDEA Works keeps you on task and in check with monthly KPI meetings to determine your performance to the goals you set. We evaluate the effectiveness of your coaching and mentoring engagements, the current state of your strategies and research as well as any outlying weaknesses that you have determined in previous KPI sessions. The team will offer advice on creating different patterns of working and tools that could aid you in your work.

Office Space


IDEA Works offers personal office space, small & large conference rooms, copy room, personal mailing address as well as several common spaces. We have staff on site to help you with your many questions and some of your business needs. Each member also gets exclusive key cards to the gate and building door for any after hour needs you may have. The key cards give you 24-hour access.



IDEA Works currently employs two full-time Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs). Their purpose is to help you with items, small and large, that arise with your business, which don't require the need for engagement of a mentor or coach. They are excellent resources for technology needs that your company may be facing as they run a successful technology hardware company. They also run the hardware technology needs for the IDEA Works program and AccelerateDFW.

Coffee Encounters


Some of the best experiences, learning, and advancements entrepreneurs have are when they interact with other entrepreneurs. We provide monthly program meetings with all who are taking part as well as various happy hours and lunches on site. Many of the lunches will also include programming on specific topics residents have questions about.


What you get from the program



Monthly accountability sessions between you and IDEA Works staff reviewing your progress to the goals you set for the month.


Mentoring /

You will receive two (2)  sessions per month to be scheduled by you at your convenience.


Expert Q&A

Each month the program hosts a one-hour session on various topics in which program participants have shown interest.



Several times a month program participants get together to help a fellow entrepreneur solve a problem they are facing in a two-hour whiteboard session.


The Program and Office Space

Full Membership

Program Costs:

$435 per month

Office Rent:

$115 per month



$550 per month

Deposit required as well as general liability renters insurance.

Affiliate Membership

Program Costs:

$250 per month

Co-Working Fee:

$50 per month



$300 per month

Deposit required.

Three (3) month commitment required.