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The Value We Offer

The program runs for up to twenty-four (24) months, yet we find some companies may need as few as six (6). We use three popular frameworks as a starting point: Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, or the Entrepreneurial Operating System to help focus your efforts on big impact items like getting valuable customer feedback, marketing to the right customer and planning your cost and pricing structure for growth. You, the entrepreneur, decide how or if to incorporate all or parts of each framework into your business efforts. We hold you accountable for achieving your goals and help you develop key performance indicators (KPIs). 

To help you determine which framework(s) are the best fit and to guide you through various challenges your company will face, you have access to our Connections Platform, which puts you in contact with subject matter experts who translate advice into actionable items. We supplement these connections with access to various resources to enhance your business knowledge and propel your company forward.



You have free access to professional meeting spaces for all situations including one-on-ones, team meetings or larger events. Check our Available Rooms and reserve online.



Entrepreneurs who want to do big things need help. Not an expert in all areas of business? No problem. We connect you with people that help drive your business forward. Subject matter experts for specifics, mentors for guidance and entrepreneurs-in-residence to help translate advice into actions.



Tap into your personal think tank to help solve some of your startup's biggest challenges. Fellow IDEA Works members, Accelerate DFW directors, board members, and other experts are on tap to help. Sessions are interactive and fun while generating solutions in a short session. 



Not for the faint of heart, these deep dive workshops create actionable items for your business. Building a strategic marketing plan, a pricing structure, building your pitch deck or creating your bare bones financials. Workshops in a four-hour format over lunch to get things built.



Connections matter. As an organization that supports entrepreneurs, we have forged relationships with industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other resource providers within our community and beyond. We will help you access those relationships as well.


Accelerate DFW

Discounts on tickets and VIP access to events for which Accelerate DFW is an organizer or sponsor.

Fill The Gaps

Bolster your strengths
Minimize Your Weaknesses

Successful startups focus on a single customer that they can serve extremely well. They concentrate their efforts on the fundamentals of business.

The Fundamentals of Business

Marketing 1 - Targeting


This is strategic marketing, not running ads on the latest social platform. It forms the foundation of your business and the strength of the connection with your customers. The power of an idea is determined by the market, will a customer pay and how much will they pay. We encourage our members to focus on four key areas and start creating your master slide deck, where all your thoughts live. The initial marketing tackles the tough topics of competitive intelligence, target customer profiles, marketing channels, and your value proposition statement.

Customer Validation

The entire program relies heavily on you validating every assumption you make with potential customers or industry experts. You will survey them via digital tools and in-person interviews to make sure what you think is right is mirrored in reality. During feasibility, you will be validating all your marketing and financial assumptions with prospective customers.

Customer Validation
Finance 1 - Viability


Get your math on! No matter what your business idea is, the key to its success is determining if it is financially viable. Regardless of if you are building a not for profit social enterprise or a for-profit company, financial viability is paramount. Digging into the numbers early is going to save you precious time, effort and money by keeping you from going down dead-end paths. This is the major area where entrepreneurs have big misses. Areas you will be developing are initial cost analysis, pricing, break even(s), initial burn rate, and creating your financial templates. The smart entrepreneurs are realistic, plan for the worsts and works towards the best.


The  Program & Office  Space


Program Costs:

$450 per month

Office Space (If Needed)*


$150 per month


$1,000 Refundable

Deposit required as well as general liability renters insurance.

*Three (3) month commitment required.

Program Fit

Is IDea works fw right for you? 

Your company has traction with customers. Your customers are either paying for your product/service or they are using your product/service without payment for testing purposes.

You could be a first-time entrepreneur with some business traction or a seasoned entrepreneur that has experienced the ups and downs of startup life. You have a healthy amount of business experience at small, medium, or large businesses and understand the fundamentals of successful companies.

You may have goals for your company that include rapid growth, developing it as a side hustle, or anything in between. You are seeking assistance on how best to grow your business.

You may be located out of your home, an area co-working space or other office location. If you are looking for  location to call home, we also offer professional office space. All members have access to our open Collaboration Room for workspace, meetings, and events.