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Do you have a calling to help entrepreneurs follow their dreams to build thriving companies?  We may have a place for you!


A Guiding Hand

Mentors are an indispensable resource for budding and established entrepreneurs alike. They are a source of valuable advice and guidance on decision making for the tough challenges that entrepreneurs face. Mentors are generally reactionary in nature, helping to address obstacles that come to light as young businesses develop and grow. They are experts in working the maze of problems in business, they are seasoned in decision making and have business experience at many levels. Mentors are a critical success factor in building successful startups.

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Subject Matter Expert

Entrepreneurs cannot be experts in every field. SMEs are the go-to subject matter experts that help provide specific advice about strategy, best practices and the pros & cons of each option the entrepreneur is considering. They play a proactive role in helping entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes that seasoned experts know well. Engagements between SMEs and entrepreneurs are subject-specific and short-term in nature, perhaps one session or a few sessions, enough to help the entrepreneur understands their options.

Offer Your Expertise



EIRs do a lot of heavy lifting in startup ecosystems. However, their exact roles and job descriptions vary greatly depending on the organization. At AccelerateDFW, we tap EIRs to help our emerging companies take the advice they are receiving from mentors & subject matter experts and translate it into actions that are appropriate for startups. They also serve as a quick go-to for their expertise on starting and running companies for items that need a quick gut check. Generally, EIRs have started multiple companies and have had both successes and failures. If you are looking to give back in the time between ventures or are looking for a company that could benefit from a seasoned cofounder, this is the role for you.

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